Let’s Liveblog Tonight’s Geeky TV: ‘Gotham’ May Gut A Fish

Uhhhh, OK, that’s a dude threatening Fish Mooney with a reciprocating saw. It’s safe to assume any bets placed are now off. Here’s what you missed last week from Gotham, as well as a look at tonight’s geeky TV.

All times are Eastern.


Gotham, Fox: Let’s see here. Last episode, Fish’s power play to remove Falcone failed rather spectacularly and the Penguin took over her bar. Penguin may still be in trouble as Sal Maroni now suspects he’s working for Falcone. Jim Gordon managed to save his career. Leslie Thompkins made it clear the show should break continuity and strand Barbara at her parents’ house. Really all we needed was Sean Pertwee to show up and kick some ass. Maybe we’ll get that this episode.

The Originals, The CW: I really need to just start letting this show’s preview clips speak for themselves.

Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter, FXM: Hey, remember when historical figures fighting monsters was a ten-second fad in publishing? Good times. Decent movie, too.

Byzantium, TMC: But if you like your vampires weird and arty, Neil Jordan has you covered.


Sleepy Hollow, Fox: I’ve got to admit, the sales pitch on this one is great: Hawley’s terrible role model turns out not just to be a literal monster, but also a career criminal. They even have a spike wall! Hopefully this marks an upswing for the show.

We’ll be liveblogging Gotham at 8pm, provided I and my local Fox affiliate are not buried under a glacier. Join us, won’t you?