The Lincoln Project Finally Gave The World An Ivermectin Parody Video Mocking Conservatives’ Love Of Horse Drugs

Last year we had Hydroxychloroquine. This year’s questionable miracle drug that’s making those who take it sick is Ivermectin. Trump supporters skeptical of an FDA-approved drug their favorite president helped fast-track into production have had no problem taking medication often used for horses and other livestock, even after the company that’s made it warned it shouldn’t be used to treat COVID. But while there’s been a ton of jokes — some of them reserved for Joe Rogan — no one has made a full-on parody video.

Until now. While The Daily Show, SNL, and John Oliver still on hiatus, The Lincoln Project — the cabal of anti-Trump Republicans formed last year to ensure the 45th president only served one term — have stepped up. They’ve created a dead-on send-up of already questionable medication ads, which peddle drugs as a gateway back to folksy normalcy, all while burying a host of side effects in rapid-fire boilerplate.

“When it comes to protecting yourself against the COVID-19 virus, the FDA-approved vaccine might not be the right choice for patients who are allergic to reality,” a reassuring narrator purrs over top sunlit images of fields and people doing yoga. It then offers the livestock dewormer as “the COVID-19 treatment option for real patriots.”

Of course, it comes with some warnings, advising users to abstain while “driving, operating heavy machinery or if you’re wearing your good pants.” Side effects include “the inability to pronounce Kamala Harris’s name,” while some patients have reported “hallucinations of lizard people in the halls of Congress.” There’s also a diss of Joe Rogan, perhaps Ivermectin’s most famous client.

You can watch the full video above. And please listen to the FDA and don’t treat COVID with a drug that combats worms in farm animals.

(Via Raw Story)