People Are Concerned About Lindsay Lohan After She Was Punched In The Face While Attempting To Kidnap Two Kids In Russia

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In case you missed it, Lindsay Lohan had a pretty eventful weekend. While in Moscow early Saturday morning (where she was believed to be, anyway), the Mean Girls star spotted two young boys who she assumed to be human trafficking victims, and essentially attempted to kidnap them from their parents. For her brave humanitarian efforts, Lohan was awarded a punch in the face from the mother of the children.

To make matters worse, Lohan herself brought attention to the incident by filming it and posting an Instagram story, in which she tries reasoning to the family, alternating between barely coherent Arabic and heavily accented English.

She has since deleted the videos, but that didn’t stop them from going viral, as you can see in the above tweet. Now, family and friends close to Lohan are reportedly concerned about her, and fear that she may no longer be sober, according to Us Weekly — in the most “duh” news ever.

Lohan has spent the past several years bouncing around between Dubai, Paris, and Greece — in the latter of which she owns two branded nightclubs — and sources said that living abroad has afforded her the privacy of falling off the wagon, because not living in the United States “makes her less accountable.”

“The strict drinking rules in Dubai where she has been living have provided a nice cover for her as well as the fact that paparazzi aren’t allowed there, so there is less of a chance of her getting caught,” the source continues.

“Her club in Mykonos has also provided her privacy, but sometimes the evidence comes across on social media, as seen last night, but is quickly deleted. Her family has known that she is no longer sober and as long as she’s behaving, it’s not an issue to them.”

Last month, Lohan went viral when someone recorded her bizarre dancing at her Mykonos beach club, which inspired jokes, memes, and imitations. If nothing else, the video would certainly point to a bump in her sobriety. In the meantime, Lohan’s longtime publicist, Hunter Frederick, is said to be on his way to Paris to check in on her. Godspeed to him!