Lindsay Lohan Posted An Instagram Video Of Her Harassing A Russian Homeless Family

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Back in 2006, Lindsay Lohan appeared in what would be the final film of legendary filmmaker Robert Altman. That would be Prairie Home Companion, a movie take on Garrison Keillor’s long-running down home Middle America NPR show. Lohan played Meryl Streep’s daughter. Back then, when she only owned two of her three Oscars, Streep gushed about Lohan, called her a “fantastic actress.”

Cut to 2018, and Lohan has posted an Instagram video of her harassing a homeless Russian family and very nearly kidnapping some children. The incident has shocked even those who thought they could no longer be shocked by Lindsay Lohan.

The news is doubly unsettling because it seemed like Lohan had finally figured her stuff out. The last we heard from the troubled former child star, she had been reinvented herself in Greece, where she opened and successfully ran two nightclubs — one in Athens, the other in Mykonos. Perhaps her days of defending Trump, defending Harvey Weinstein, claiming she’s been racially profiled and offending a British town were behind her.

But no. Lohan had to go and pull a Lohan. Friday night she posted a video she clearly thought reflected her humanitarian side. Instead, it went quickly awry.

The video starts finds her in Moscow (natch), where she finds a homeless family. She’s genuinely perturbed by what they’re going through, and she offers to give them all a hotel for the night. But when the parents prove reluctant to follow a stranger who walked up to them on the street and started filming a live video, Lohan loses it. She even tries to abscond with the kids, which doesn’t go well. The whole affair descends into Lohan running her mouth — yes, in that unplaceable Euro-ish accent she debuted a couple years back — accusing the family of “ruining Arabic culture” and warning these people who do not have a home not to “f*ck” with her.

So, it’s one step forward, one step back for Lindsay Lohan.