Let’s Watch This Adorable Little Girl Groom A Chicken, Shall We?

We found it! We found the one story on the planet that doesn’t involve Trump vs. Hillary, Pokémon Go or Suicide Squad. Seriously! One exists!

The ’90s kid magnet, Buzzfeed, has shone their spotlight on a video that’s blowing up online at the moment. It involves a chicken, an adorable 5-year-old pet stylist and fair bit of pampering. That rectangle at the top of the post contains an efficient 42-second clip of a Brazilian girl acting as a one-woman salon for a chicken that’s been caught out in the rain. It’s a thorough service that includes combing, mimed lipstick application and an overwhelming feeling that everything’s gonna be okay.

The clip’s scored a massive amount of views because… well, because it’s MAXIMUM HEARTWARMING, that’s why. The original video has already clocked in at over six million views with the grand total around 15 million views once you factor in the other outlets that have posted the pampering.

“I just can’t believe it yet,” said the pint-sized stylist’s mom of the clip’s success. “We go to the farm every weekend, and every animal has a name. That’s normal for me!”

It’s a complicated and sometimes scary world out there, but it’s nice to be reminded that a chicken getting groomed is still something we can go buckwild over.

(Via Buzzfeed)