Jared Leto Walked Around Like A Maniac To Perfect His Joker Laugh

Fans have been hearing about Jared Leto’s method take on the Joker for months now, between his demented gifts and digging into past performances. The time is almost here for his interpretation to finally be revealed, as Suicide Squad will finally be released on August 5. While on the press tour, Leto has talked extensively about the work that went into becoming the Joker, and on Friday’s episode of Good Morning America, Leto explained that he may have freaked out a few passersby in the process. The Joker’s demented cackle has become a true hallmark of the character, and Leto wanted to make sure he got it right.

“I remember wandering the streets of New York and in Toronto where we were shooting, and I would just laugh out loud and see how people would react to it. Every time when I started to hone in on this laugh, I realized it was the one that really, people would turn around and be like, ‘What the hell is that?'”

I’m sure the shock of bright green hair didn’t help his public image either. While he may have left a bad taste in many mouths after his gross gifts, Leto seems to have been humbled to have been a part of bringing the Joker to life. Acting!

“You start to investigate and ask questions and sometimes you don’t find any answers,” he said. “You fail a lot. You stumble around in the dark. But you start to put together the pieces and get a sense of who this character is and, I have to say, it was the role of a lifetime.”

From the sounds of things, this will not be the Joker’s last foray into the ever growing DC cinematic universe, with Leto saying, “I feel like this film is an introduction to the Joker and I’m hopeful that we will see more to come.” If early reviews are anything to go on, that is a very good thing.

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)