Liveblog Reminder: 'Arrow' Deploys The Suicide Squad Tonight

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03.19.14 240 Comments

Yes, the moment we’ve been nerding out over is finally here: The Suicide Squad arrives on Arrow. Here’s a recap of what’s been happening.

Most of the episode actually took place on Flashback Island, as Slade, Sara, and Ollie stormed the Amazo. It ended with the boat’s prisoners escaping to the island, which, you know, good luck with that, and Ollie captured by Slade, who promised to torture the hell out of him. Meanwhile, in the present day, Slade visited Ollie at his house, using his superpower of unstoppable sexual charisma to plant bugs in Ollie’s house and totally seduce his mom, bro.

It appears that we’ll be going into a big run of episodes featuring Slade, actually. Tonight’s episode appears to be all about the Suicide Squad hunting down Deathstroke, while under the supervision of Diggle:

Just a wild guess: That doesn’t end very well. We’re also interested to see who the blonde with the crazy hair is that the trailers keep hinting at. We doubt it’s Harley Quinn, considering what a tight lock DC keeps on Batman characters, but you never know; we also keep hearing that Nightwing is going to show up on Arrow, after all.

Either way, we’re excited; join us at 8pm EST for all the shenanigans.

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