Liveblog Reminder: ‘Arrow’ Goes Pro With The ‘League Of Assassins’ Tonight

“Ra’s Al Ghul has ordered your return.” That was a “holy crap” moment early on in the season for Arrow, and apparently the hits will just keep on coming tonight. A recap of the last episode to prep you for our liveblog below.

  • We learned that Sara Lance is A) alive and B) the Black Canary. And she almost immediately had more chemistry with Ollie in one episode than Laurel’s had in a season and change.
  • Speaking of Laurel, last week we christened her the Laurelbadger as she really apparently does not give a crap about anything. Laurelbadger will drive with a .14 BAC, Laurelbadger don’t care.
  • Did we mention she tried to lecture two people with substance abuse problems when they told her that just maybe driving drunk was a bad thing? That kind of needs its own bullet point.
  • On Flashback Island, we learned that the KGBeast was aboard the prison ship, and that Sara Lance is apparently the warden or the head torturer or something. She’s had a busy year, apparently!
  • And Alderdouche turned out be DC villain Brother Blood, who injected last week’s disposable villain with a mysterious green substance. Our guess? Starts with V, ends with M, and is the favorite steroid of Peña Dura’s most famous graduate.
  • This week, apparently Doctor Ivo will be making an appearance in the island flashbacks, explaining what, precisely, some Japanese soldiers have to do with the hot mess Ollie’s stuck in. Meanwhile, in the modern day… well, you can take a guess from the title. The shenanigans start at 8pm EST; we’ll see you right here.