Lori Loughlin’s Husband Is Apparently A Vocal Trump Supporter Who Frequently Complains About People Not ‘Carrying Their Own Weight’

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The fallout of Operation Varsity Blues, as it’s now being called, has been full of schadenfreude, to say the least. Actress Lori Loughlin, whose wholesome Full House image that had been the staple of the Hallmark channel (note, past-tense) for years is suddenly looking at five years in prison for shelling out $500,000 to get her ungrateful daughters into the University of Southern California — and people are absolutely riveted.

Of course, Loughlin did not act alone, as her apparel company-founder husband, Mossimo Giannulli, shares the blame for the alleged crime. And while there has been lots and lots of irony associated with Loughlin’s part in the scandal, her husband asks to kindly hold his fancy beer while he adds some hypocrisy to the whole thing.

According to Tom Arnold, just weeks before the scandal broke, Giannulli was sloshed at a Hollywood party going on about his support for President Donald Trump and how people should be “carrying their own weight.” Oh, do tell!

“Couple wks ago I got into it with for 10th time with #CollegeCheatingScandal DAD at big party cause his sloppy ass was rambling on again about Trump & people carrying their own weight & his own conservative politics being ‘right of Attila the Hun,'” Arnold, an outspoken Trump critic tweeted earlier this week. “He embarrassed Scandal Mom again.”

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