Macaulay Culkin Had A Hilarious Response To The News Of Disney+’s ‘Home Alone’ Reboot


Yesterday, buried in an avalanche of Disney news, was this: Among the original content coming one day to Disney+, their forthcoming streaming service, will be a reboot of Home Alone. (Ditto Night at the Museum, Cheaper by the Dozen, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.) This prompts the question: Will it involve, in any way, original star Macaulay Culkin? Judging from a tweet he fired off in response, probably not.

“This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like,” wrote Culkin, who’s now two years shy of 40 years old. Attached was a picture of the super slovenly former child mega-star, his hair pushed up by an extra-thick headband, his white undershirt pulled up over his tummy, a bowl of something-or-other precariously balanced in his left hand while the other readies to paw a laptop perched on his knees, his face smushed dramatically downwards to form an attempted double chin.

Of course, we already know to expect from an updated Home Alone following Culkin’s Kevin McAllister. Over the holidays last year he returned to the character in a series of ads for Google, in which he restaged some of the original film’s classic scenes but as an adult. (He did not ask Donald J. Trump for directions this time, as he did in the first sequel.) Still, it’s good to know that Culkin — who’s doing well these days, still kind of looks the same, only older, and was recently featured in Seth Green’s film Changeland — is cool with laughing at his younger self.