The Head Of MAGA World’s ‘Cyber Ninjas’ Says He’s $2 Million In Debt Due To His Efforts To Try To Help Trump Steal The Election

In a turn of events that will surprise absolutely no one, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, the auditing company that Trump used to oversee a recount in Arizona, is now reportedly in debt to the tune of $2 million.

Via VICE, Doug Logan, who’s in charge of the Florida-based company that Arizona’s Republican-controlled Senate picked to head up a recount in Maricopa County, is now claiming the process left him bankrupt. The audit took five months to complete and was heavily supported by voter fraud conspiracy theorists and MAGA followers. Despite Logan’s company having no experience in auditing elections — and no legal authority to challenge the results should they find evidence of a bad count — Republicans initially backed the organization’s efforts, covering the costs of renting the venue for the recount and providing around-the-clock security. Logan was able to raise even more money from Trump supporters who donated nearly $6 million to the effort.

Despite all this, he’s now saying that he’s $2 million in the hole, telling misinformation spreader Nick Moseder that he has no other means of income. Moseder revealed all this on his Telegram channel while saying, “I believe he was anticipating more audits to make up for his losses and kept being reassured, ‘don’t worry about the money, America has your back.'”

He went on to try to garner sympathy for Logan, who just celebrated the birth of his 12th child. “I personally think it’s a tragedy that Doug Logan sacrificed months with his pregnant wife and 11 kids (now 12) to put his business and reputation on the line,” Moseder wrote. “All of that work, risk, and sacrifice to have come out the other side being called a traitor, and to be 2.1 million dollars in debt, with a business whose reputation will forever be branded ‘right-wing conspiracy company.’”

You know what might have saved him a lot of grief? Not operating a right-wing conspiracy company and trying to reverse the results of an already-certified election.

(Via VICE)