The MAGA Trucker Convoy Meant To ‘Choke’ D.C. Wound Up Only Having One 18-Wheeler And A Handful Of Assorted Vehicles

The anti-vax trucker protests that plagued parts of Canada over the last month are currently winding down, though they did more than clog cities like Ottawa. They also inspired copycats in France. But a MAGA-themed version, which was set to “choke” D.C. on Wednesday, stumbled right out of the gate.

As per The Daily Beast, MAGA trucker Bob Bolus had hyped up a convoy of 10 to 20 trucks that would march from Scranton to D.C., which it would treat like the Canadian truckers did Ottawa. Their purpose? To protest vaccine mandates. He later added other grievances, including immigration, the death of Jan. 6 protester Ashli Babbit, and, of course, Critical Race Theory.

“I’ll give you an analogy of that of a giant boa constrictor,” Bobus boasted. The threat was so real that the Pentagon approved of nearly 700 National Guards personnel to assist local authorities should multiple convoys create gridlock.

But no such constricting was to happen. Why? Because no one showed up. That’s not true. Bolus showed up with his 18-wheeler, though he was late to arrive because he got two flat tires. Reuters reporter Julio-César Chávez, who traveled alongside the much diminished convoy, counted five pick-up trucks, one SUV, and one Sedan, for a total of eight vehicles of varying sizes, most of them quite small.

“We’re not putting a chokehold on D.C. today,” Bobus told The Daily Beast by noon, when he and the massive convoy that never materialized was originally supposed to have D.C. at its knees. “Not to say that it wouldn’t happen in the very near future. It’s just going to be an idea of what’s to come.”

For now, though, whatever shape the American version of the Canadian convoys takes on in the future, it at least had a start that was even more disastrous than the first day of Trump’s new Twitter clone.

(Via The Daily Beast)