Watch This Club Goer Break A Bottle Of Champagne Worth $42,000

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At my bachelorette party, we were having a drink in the hotel bar after dinner when the waiter brought over a $700 bottle of champagne for the table. A gentleman wanted to send it over, he said. We were excited. I’ve, in all seriousness, ranked the quality of wines from 7-eleven. So, it’s fair to say that this was a very expensive gift that we would never have purchased ourselves, and we appreciated it. We all toasted as a man in his very best clubbing clothes came over to introduce himself.

“Thanks for the champagne!” we said.

“What are you ladies doing?” he slurred.

“It’s Allison’s bachelorette party,” my cousin said. “She’s getting married!”

“What?!” he said, (now completely enraged) to me. “But you were the one I wanted. You were the one I wanted.”

He shook his head in disgust. Then, he proceeded — in pure classy fashion — to have the waiter come back over to try to remove the champagne. Nice try.

“The champagne WAS A GIFT, Todd,” we said. “We’re taking it with us.”

So, my only experience with the guy who sends over a ridiculously expensive bottle of champagne is that he is most likely an enormous, drunken douche. And that was only for like $700, at most. I can only guess at what’s going on with the guy who needs to buy a bottle of champagne worth more than what many of us make in a year.

Take this random club goer in Spain, who bought a £30,000 of champagne ($42.5K!) to impress everyone in the vicinity. It could have ended there, of course. But according to Munchies, after this guy in Ibiza made his purchase (that was in no way him overcompensating for anything) he proceeded to drop it on the floor. SHATTERING EVERYWHERE.

Ooof. The video is horrifying to watch even when you know what’s coming. But also, pretty satisfying. If that’s how you want to spend your hard earned money, go ahead, but you better believe I still enjoyed watching that guy drop that bottle like it’s hot.

I cringed and laughed and then watched it seven more times. It. Is. Great. Though, probably not for him.

You know what they say, “No use crying over spilled champagne! Unless that spilled champagne is worth tens of thousands of dollars and the only thing keeping the fear of your own mortality at bay! Then, it’s your ruined party, and you can cry if you want to.” A lot.

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