Man Shot While Filming Spider-Man Fan Film

04.26.11 8 years ago 8 Comments

The awesome Bren tipped us off to this story about an accidental shooting on the set of a Spider-Man fan film in the Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio.  Sam Vestey, 23, is expected to be okay after suffering a shotgun wound to the right leg on Sunday night.  Vestey was dressed as Spider-Man filming a scene in a basement of a Clintonville home with Casey May and Michael Galusick, who are reportedly “two friends who frequently make amateur superhero movies, authorities said.”  I hope someday authorities are saying that about us.

May was holding the shotgun when it accidentally discharged, hitting Spider-Vesty in the leg.  Wearing a Spider-Man costume doesn’t give you Spidey senses, it turns out.  All three men believed the shotgun to be unloaded and were using it as a prop, which is why you never use a real firearm as a prop and you never point a real firearm at a living thing you aren’t intending to murder (even if you think it’s not loaded).  Just consider that a helpful tip from your friendly neighborhood GammaSquad.

[via 10TV and NBC4i]

UPDATE: WSYX is reporting it was a Deadpool web series, not Spider-Man, and we recommend reading the comments below for more information.

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