Marc Maron Shared The Best Advice He’s Ever Received, And We Could Probably All Take Note

Marc Maron, stand-up comic, GLOW star and more, has been podcasting since before, well, everyone was podcasting. He’s racked up over 1,200 episodes with no signs of slowing down while often digging up the most unexpected of details from his guests. To name a few recent snippets: David Duchovny broke my heart while telling Maron the reason why he signed onto Californication; Katey Sagal filled him in on a Married… With Children secret; and Maron and Seth Rogen ruffled a few feathers over in Israel. One never knows what shall happen when one gets loose in a podcast, and Maron’s got the standing to take a swing at Joe Rogan and the “human centipede in Austin,” too.

Well, Maron allowed the Wall Street Journal to turn the tables on him with a handful of questions, and one answer in particular resonates. Here’s what the WTF host had to say about the advice he’s followed for decades:

“There was something that was told to me during a fairly unpredictable journey on hallucinogens when I was a younger man. Some weirdo looked in my eyes and could tell I was freaking out. And he said, Just hang on, man. I think that’s pretty good advice in general.”

You can’t beat advice like that; it’s right along the lines of a Matthew McConaughey quote, “just keep livin,” which actually transformed into the name of his foundation. Maron’s shared advice works, though. Oftentimes, the biggest struggle in the world can be to stop controlling everything around you. It’s a pretty 12-Step principle, too, but it’s real. Once one realizes that it’s alright to just let go, things can really fall into place, as they likely inevitably would already without the illusion of control. Man, now I feel like I’ve taken a hallucinogen simply by witnessing this advice.

The rest of the Wall Street Journal interview with Maron is well worth reading here. He’s a fan of Mare of Easttown, I May Destroy You, and John Oliver, so you’re in good hands over there.

(Via WSJ)