Marco Rubio Says He’s More Concerned About Leaks To The Media Than Whatever Top-Secret Documents Trump Was Hiding/Sharing/Whatever

In 2016, Marco Rubio described Donald Trump as “the most vulgar person to ever aspire to the presidency.” And while nothing has changed to make that superlative seem less true today (quite the opposite, really), you’d likely never hear those words coming out of Rubio’s mouth.

Like so many other one-time opponents who Trump cut down to size (in Rubio’s case literally — remember Trump’s “Little Marco” nickname?), Rubio has now at least positioned himself to seem squarely on the side of Team Trump. In the wake of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago, Rubio has put himself out there with some one of the dumbest excuses for why a former president would have classified intel shoved into boxes with much memorabilia as magazine covers: it was simply a “storage” issue.

While Rubio has been appropriately dragged since making his “storage” comment to MSNBC over the weekend, he hasn’t backed down from defending the former president. On Wednesday morning, he appeared on Fox & Friends, where even the hosts seemed skeptical that Trump should have had access to the documents that were taken from Mar-a-Lago. Yet Rubio wasn’t about to play along or speculate with Fox or its Friends. Instead, he decided the best response was to question where the information about the documents was coming from — and make that the problem. As Rubio sees it:

All of this information is coming from one side and one place, and that is sources with knowledge of the investigation. Well, who are the sources with knowledge of the investigation? The FBI and the Justice Department. And they are leaking to the media.

So, generally, when there’s an investigation by the FBI or the Justice Department, they’re not even acknowledging there is an investigation, much less leaking. These people, every single day, are strategically leaking information — that can’t be rebutted, by the way, or in any way analyzed — for a reason. And that’s politics. To influence the narrative.

Yeah, that should shut them up Little Marco.