Marjorie Taylor Greene Floated What Might Be Her Dumbest Idea Yet

If there’s one thing Marjorie Taylor Greene is actually good at, it’s sharing truly idiotic ideas and bad takes—like comparing COVID to cancer or asserting that the Declaration of Independence gave insurrectionists the right to “overthrow tyrants” on January 6th. Now she’s doubling down on what might be her dumbest idea yet: a “National Divorce.”

On Wednesday, Greene chimed into a conversation that Pedro L. Gonzalez, associate editor of the ultra-conservative Chronicles Magazine, seemed to be having with himself in which he called liberals “a cancer” and suggested that any non-conservative who moves from one state to another should be denied the right to vote for a specific period of time, and also be taxed for “their sins.”

Greene, of course, thinks this is a great idea, as it plays right into her bright idea of a National Divorce:

This isn’t the first time Greene has broached the concept of red and blue states calling it quits on one another, despite the fact that even red states have millions of Democrats and vice versa. As Newsweek reported:

In October, Greene conducted a Twitter poll about people’s interest in a national divorce between Republican- and Democratic-leaning states. According to her poll, Greene found 48 percent of respondents wanted the country to stay together and 43 percent wanted states separated by their political leaning. Nine percent were undecided.

Greene, apoplectic that 100 percent of those polled didn’t agree with her, claimed that the “outraged left” had clearly shared her poll in order to skew the results and “tank it.” She told Steve Bannon much the same that very same month when she chatted with him for his War Room podcast, citing “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the much-needed divorce. According to Newsweek, even Bannon said he “vehemently” disagreed with the idea and suggested that, instead, Republicans needed to start governing “like we mean it” and “acting like you’re in charge.”

(Via Newsweek)