Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Wild Claim That DC Residents Were Scared To Leave Their Homes Last Night Is Being Resoundingly Blasted

Marjorie Taylor Greene is still apparently being ignored by AOC, so she found the energy to tweet something not-great after the Derek Chauvin verdict. The former Minneapolis cop was found guilty on all three counts (second-degree unintentional murder along with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter) against him in the matter of George Floyd’s death. Greene’s position, unsurprisingly, is that Black Lives Matter was going to “riot” in the streets.

To this end, Greene decided to claim that “DC is completely dead tonight. People stayed in and were scared to go out because of fear of riots.” She added, “Police are everywhere and have riot gear. #BLM is the strongest terrorist threat in our county.”

While it is true that the U.S. capitol mobilized National Guard members to brace for possible unrest, none actually happened in D.C. on Tuesday night. So, people wanted to know what the heck Greene was talking about, especially since life seemed pretty normal, other than it being a Tuesday night when things weren’t exactly raging. Others were wondering what the heck Greene meant because things looked relatively active with people eating at restaurants and generally being out and about like usual.

Greene has yet to provide any photo evidence of these supposedly vacant D.C. streets.