Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Whining About Being In ‘Facebook Jail’ (She’s Not)

In a newsflash that will surprise absolutely no one: Marjorie Taylor Greene is complaining about social media. Again. Last month, she had so much to say about being permanently banned from Twitter, that even her own followers were begging her to shut up. At roughly the same time, she was temporarily suspended from Facebook, which only added fuel to her fiery rhetoric. So when Mark Zuckerberg’s company attempted to silence the Georgia congresswoman again this week, albeit temporarily, she reacted in her typically overreactive way.

As The Daily Beast reports, Greene took to her Gettr account (basically, Twitter for people who have been kicked off Twitter for sharing insane conspiracy theories) on Sunday night to lament the fact that she was “in Facebook jail for three days for offending the Communists at Facebook by defending children from needless masking that many of us consider child abuse.” Of course, none of that was true.

(Greene, mature adult that she is, also used the opportunity to take a swipe at Stacey Abrams, calling her “obese and in the highest risk factor for Covid co-morbidities.”)

What Facebook objected to was Greene’s assertion that forcing children to wear masks was tantamount to “child abuse” and that “Masks do not stop the spread of COVID.” The Daily Beast reached out to Facebook (a.k.a. Meta), who confirmed that the company did indeed delete MGT’s post, because it violated their community guidelines because of her erroneous “claims that wearing a face mask properly does not help prevent the spread of COVID-19.”

More importantly, Greene was not in “Facebook jail,” as the many other posts she made to Facebook following her ‘Masks = Child Abuse’ should have made clear to her. Yet when The Daily Beast reached out to Greene’s team for a comment, they did not respond.

(The Daily Beast)