Even Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Own Supporters Are Sick Of Her Complaining About Getting Banned From Twitter

Donald Trump once described Marjorie Taylor Greene as one of his “favorite people,” so she returned the favor by getting banned from Twitter almost exactly a year after the former-president’s suspension. The anti-vaxxer congresswoman from Georgia had her tweeting privileges revoked on Sunday for repeatedly sharing COVID-19 misinformation. It was her fifth strike, according to the New York Times, after Twitter “had issued her a fourth strike in August after she falsely posted that the vaccines were ‘failing.’ Ms. Greene was given a third strike less than a month before that when she had tweeted that Covid-19 was not dangerous and that vaccines should not be mandated.”

Since the ban, Greene has been posting on Joe Rogan’s favorite right-wing social media service, GETTR. “Twitter forgot about the 2 times they accidentally suspended my account this past year. That means I’ve only had 3 strikes in their 5 strike system. Twitter has to reinstate my account immediately,” she wrote, sounding a lot like someone who f*cked around and found out. Even her followers are sick of her complaints about Twitter.

A sample of replies to her most recent tweet, er, gettr (?):

“Don’t post things like this, it makes you sound needy.”

“Begging twitter to reinstate your account is beneath you.”

“For someone who hates social media so much you love being on it 😂 go spend time with your kids or somn”

Why do you want your account back so bad 🤣🤣🤣 You complain about how mean they are join your supporters on here.

Why do you want to even be on their communist platform ? I dont understand you folks at all. I DONT DO COMMIES PERIOD !!!!

“Who cares leave twitter in the fucking dust”

Just move on MTG….

Greene wants to be back on Twitter? Maybe she really is under the influence of Satan.

(Via Raw Story)