Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Having A Meltdown After A Poll Showed That GOP Voters Are Hesitant To Go To The Polls

Did Donald Trump’s recent confusing message (which could be interpreted as him telling Republicans not to vote in 2022) do some (further) damage to the GOP? QAnon cheerleader Marjorie Taylor Greene is very worried. That vibe arrives after Greene was (bizarrely) called a “communist” by far-right attorney Lin Wood, which is quite strange, considering that Greene throws that word around all the time while harassing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez through the halls of Congress over the Green New Deal.

However, all the fun and games appears to be on hold for Greene, who’s very upset and threw down a tweet storm while declaring that she conducted a poll, and a significant percentage of GOP voters apparently will resist voting… out of protest? That remains unclear. In her lengthy rant, Greene wrote, “I recently conducted a poll on Georgia’s elections and if my constituents felt their votes would count during a teletown hall.” Naturally, this is not a scientific poll that she’s referring to, but Green continued. “Sadly, 4% said they won’t even vote due to voter fraud. This is WRONG. Legal votes by Rs are just as important as stopping illegal ones.”

Clearly, Greene’s in a panic and continued to rant about “Democrat deception” and how her state was saved from Stacey Abrams becoming governor and how Republicans must “FLOOD THE POLLS.” One particular line, however, is of interest: “Stop listening to grifters telling you not to vote.”

Again, a whole lot of people think that Trump sounded like he was telling people not to vote, and he’s arguably a sophisticated grifter, so uh, you be the judge.

(Via Raw Story)