Marjorie Taylor Greene Still Wants To Debate AOC On The Green New Deal, But Hasn’t Even Bothered To Read The 14-Page Bill

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a congresswoman for less than four months, but already we’ve learned quite a lot about her — more than we probably ever wanted or needed to know. We’re aware that she was a devoted believer in some pretty wild QAnon conspiracy theories and once floated an idea that California’s wildfires were the result of a (checks notes) space laser (though she later tried to distance herself from that reputation). We know that she’s been accused of cheating on her husband of 25 years with a tantric sex guru (and lots of other dudes from her gym). And now we know that, despite being stripped of any house committee seats she previously occupied, she’s been so busy railing against Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal plan that she hasn’t actually even read yet.

We repeat: Marjorie Taylor Greene has apparently never even read the Green New Deal that she has spent months spouting off about. If you’re thinking, “Well, it’s probably really dense and difficult to parse,” let’s be clear: the document is a whopping 14 pages long. That’s eight pages shorter than The Very Hungry Caterpillar, and two pages longer than the assembly manual for an IKEA Billy Bookcase.

After spending a chunk of last week tweeting into the void in an attempt to get AOC to agree to debate her regarding the Green New Deal—or even just acknowledge her tweets—Greene, brilliant politician that she is, admitted that she really knows nothing about the plan she’s complaining about.

The Twitterverse exploded upon hearing the news that the oh-so-confident MTG had the audacity to challenge the silver-tongued AOC to a debate about something Greene knows nothing about (and the fact that it was Taylor herself who let that bomb dropped made it an even more tantalizing detail).

The one person who has not responded (at least not as of press time): Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Yet Greene has persisted with her unending social media harassment of AOC and requests to set a date for their debate.

While AOC seems understandably uninterested in engaging with Greene in any meaningful way, when has Greene ever let a little thing like reality get in her way?