Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Just Naming Herself To Committees Now, And ‘No One’ Is Stopping Her

Despite the lack of a red wave, which is currently being pinned on Donald Trump, the Republicans still have a chance of eking out a very, very small majority in the House of Representatives. More specifically, Kevin McCarthy held off a challenger to being named Speaker of the House, and apparently that decision has opened the door for Marjorie Taylor Greene to just start naming herself to committees.

It’s a surprising turnaround considering Greene was stripped of her House committees in February 2021 for endlessly spewing outlandish conspiracy theories. However, in a surprisingly cunning move, her newfound allegiance to McCarthy is apparently paying dividends. Here’s what she recently told Charlie Kirk about her future if Republicans control the House. Via Mediaite:

“I’m very excited to serve on Oversight. That’s the committee I’ve asked for and no one has told me no about anything. I am going to be pursuing many things and I’m thrilled to be able to do that.”

It should be noted that Greene is operating under the assumption that McCarthy will follow through on naming her to the Oversight Committee, which has not officially happened yet. Back in October, it was reported that McCarthy is being “held hostage” by Greene and other fringe House members like Paul Gosar who are demanding considerable more power in the GOP majority. On top of being named to Oversight, Greene reportedly also wants a seat on the House Judicial Committee, which would be bonkers and yet, frighteningly, not out of the question in the new House alignment.

(Via Mediaite)