Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Suddenly Finding ‘Common Ground’ With Islam, And No One Knows What She’s Talking About

Very few days — and sometimes hours — go by without Marjorie Taylor Greene making headlines. It’s not because the Georgia representative is doing her job; she’s been booted from most congressional committee seats over her deranged beliefs and habit of harassing colleagues. But she has a lot of time to tweet or say something bizarre to reporters. But even for her this one’s leftfield: On Monday, she went off on an epic tweet thread in which she tried to find “common ground” with the Islamic faith, to the bafflement of everyone.

It began innocently, with the possibly doomed Greene talking about how her job sometimes involves her visiting various government facilities, like jails. But on a recent trip to a D.C. prison, she discovered something surprising: Among the reading material inmates, who are of various faiths, are provided includes The Final Call, the newspaper put out by Nation of Islam minister Louis Farrakhan. (Greene simply called it “Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam newspaper.”)

Is it surprising to see a noted conservative praising a) the Islamic faith, which the GOP has spent the last 20 years demonizing and b) noted anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan? It sure is! But she found one thing they can agree on: The far right and Louis Farrakhan both hate life-saving vaccines that have emerged in the midst of a once-in-a-century public health crisis.

Oh, and they both love horse drugs, too. Among the other things Greene learned by flipping through Farrakhan’s paper is that “the Nation of Islam sees the use and benefit of Ivermectin and is very angry that our media, Democrats, and Dr Fauci have attacked the drug and refuse to save people’s lives by not promoting it and shunning the use of it.”

Greene made sure people knew she was “strongly opposed to radical Islam.” But there was a but. “But I do believe in freedom of religion guaranteed to us by our Constitution.” And so she offered an olive branch to the Nation of Islam on the basis that both groups see eye-to-eye on vaccines and horse drugs.

It’s hard to make a dent in the news cycle nowadays, but even with Bari Weiss’ weird substack university and Ted Cruz still railing against Big Bird, a far right extremist joining up with Louis Farrakhan stuck out.

Then again, Greene does believe in “Jewish space lasers,” so maybe she and Farrakhan would get along.