Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Aghast After Seeing ‘One Woman That Had No Pants On’ At The DC Pride Parade

Pour one out for Marjorie Taylor Greene after the 1:40:40 mark in the above video. She probably hasn’t even recovered from learning about porn websites and posting a video of someone flipping her the bird before noticing (and then it was way too late) such disrespect.

Now, it’s Pride Month, and Greene cannot handle the gay joy. The noted “drag queen story time” opponent relayed to Charlie Kirk (at the aforementioned video mark) about how society is going to hell in a tightly-woven handbasket because she spied a woman who had the audacity to go pantless during this past weekend’s D.C. Pride festival.

Greene’s D.C. serenity was so disturbed by this, dang it, that she is calling it “modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah” to have driven towards her condo on Sunday night, and “all I heard was the crowd all around, all over the streets having the Pride festival continuing on.” From there, she was absolutely appalled to see some partial nudity:

“I even saw one woman that had no pants on…. You’ve seen the videos. They’re all over Twitter, and how disgusting this is. This has nothing to do with equal rights.”

Greene also rambled upon how the gay community should be outraged to see their movement be “hijacked” by those who advocate for trans rights for those under 18. The congresswoman from Georgia cannot cope with all of this debauchery, and she shared a similar sentiment on Twitter, too.

Well, Pride month ain’t over yet, so Greene might have more to say soon.

(Via Raw Story)