Marjorie Taylor Greene Says She’s Tired Of Hearing About Ukraine Because ‘Real Americans’ Don’t Care About Ukraine

Chances are good that if you asked Marjorie Taylor Greene the exact same question 10 times in a row, you’d get 11 totally different—and mostly contradictory—answers. Which is why most people treat her as if she’s “some kind of crazy person” (and she hates that, by the way). But given that she’s an elected lawmaker, her general lack of knowledge about everything from history to politics to gazpacho should be alarming to anyone with a brain. Especially when even she doesn’t seem to know where she stands on an issue like Russia’s war with Ukraine.

At the moment, as Raw Story reports, Greene’s opinion seems to be that she doesn’t care about Ukraine because “real Americans” don’t care about Ukraine. On Thursday afternoon, the Georgia congresswoman addressed the House to let everyone know how tired she is of hearing and talking about Ukraine:

“All we’re hearing is ‘potential war with Russia over Ukraine.’ Ukraine is not a NATO member ally and President Biden had told them we would only be standing with our NATO member allies. All we’re hearing on the news is ‘Ukraine.’ But yet here in America, what real Americans care about is gas prices they can’t afford, inflation that goes up and up to where grocery bills are unaffordable, and they’re very concerned about our out-of-control open border.

“Crime is out of control, but yet Washington has completely disconnected and seems to care more about sending our sons and daughters to a potential war where they do not belong. So I’d like to urge my colleagues here in Congress, instead of working on a future COVID bill—spending billions of dollars on COVID that doesn’t exist—let’s care about our border and let’s care about working to have energy independence to lower gas prices for Americans.”

This is, of course, a very different sentiment than we got from Wednesday’s version of Marjorie Greene Taylor. Yesterday, she posted a 10-minute Facebook video proclaiming just how much she cares about the people of Ukraine, and that’s why she doesn’t want to give them false hope “to fight a war they cannot possibly win” (despite informed opinions to the contrary).

Shortly before she posted that video, she was in the crowd when all of Congress gave Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a standing ovation, while she neglected to clap and fiddled with her phone.

But tomorrow’s another day, and with it, quite possibly, another MTG entirely.

(Via Raw Story)