Marjorie Taylor Greene Let Loose A Tirade When Steve Bannon Repeated Criticism Calling Her ‘The Problem’ With The GOP

My gosh, far-right duo Marjorie Taylor Greene and Steve Bannon’s friendship is impossible to look away from. When she hops onto his War Room podcast (part of Real America’s Voice), watch out. She’s a repeat guest, obviously, and he’s not afraid to side-eye her during particularly egregious MTG lies, but they still respect each other as being on the same team. Although she recently told Bannon that she didn’t want anything to do with politics, there’s no way Greene is quitting, even if she ends up turning over her whole salary in anti-masking fines.

For his part, Bannon’s been dealing with those pesky federal contempt charges after he refused to comply with a subpoena for the House Jan. 6 committee. A judge has set his jury trial date (July 2022), but for now, it’s business as usual for Bannon. And here’s what happened when he mentioned (via Raw Story) that The Atlantic writer David Brooks wrote a critical piece, “What Happened To American Conservatism,” which Bannon interpreted as “They are singling you out as the problem.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene was not impressed:

“He doesn’t get to define Trumpism. I represent the American people. These are the same people they look down on. These are the same people that they forget about. These are the same people they can’t even relate to because they are so stuck up because they are so highly educated and because they think they are so much better than everyone…. I could care less who David Brooks is! I came here to fix it and I’m bringing the American people with me.”

Greene went on to trash more moderate Republicans who work alongside Democrats to reach consensus. To her, they’re to blame for “alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, failed marriages and caused traditional families to fall apart and small towns to crumble.” Yikes. The takeaway here: Greene’s clearly got a lot of time to podcast after being stripped of her House committee assignments.

(Via Raw Story)