Marjorie Taylor Greene Has Been Suspended AGAIN By Twitter For Peddling Horsesh%t And Of Course She’s Taking It Well (She’s Not)

In what’s becoming a recurring theme for the Georgia congresswoman who run into office on a wave of QAnon conspiracy theories, Marjorie Taylor Greene has been suspended from Twitter yet again for spreading COVID and vaccine misinformation. This time around, Greene implored the FDA to not approve the COVID vaccine because vaccinated people are still getting infected. While it’s true that “breakthrough infections” are occurring, they are rare when compared to rates amongst the unvaccinated. More importantly, the purpose of the vaccine is not to prevent infection, but to protect the recipient from becoming seriously ill or dying. The vaccine has been very successful in that regard, but good luck telling Greene that.

“The FDA should not approve the covid vaccines,” Greene tweeted. “There are too many reports of infection & spread of #COVID19 among vaccinated people. These vaccines are failing & do not reduce the spread of the virus & neither do masks. Vaccine mandates & passports violate individual freedoms.”

Greene tweeted her vaccine misinformation on Monday night, and by Tuesday morning, her account was suspended for the fourth time. According to Twitter’s rules on COVID misinformation, one more violation, and Greene will be permanently suspended. True to form, Greene did not heed this latest suspension as a warning, and instead, issued a statement doubling down on her vaccine remarks and taking things an extra step further by calling the pandemic a “Communist Chinese bioweapon.” She also worked in the Republican talking point of blaming the rise in COVID cases on “illegal aliens” crossing the border.

Via Mediaite:

Why is it “right and moral” to allow tens of thousands of COVID positive illegal aliens into our country and fly them into every state on the taxpayers dime, yet force our children to mask up for school?

But if I dare says the truth, Twitter suspends me because the truth is so offensive to the fragile hypocrites all over Twitter!

I refuse to be silent about these important life changing issues and the Communist Chinese bioweapon COVID.

As her statement full of right-wing greatest hits came to an end, Greene made it a point to include an anti-trans remark just in case everyone forgot she once posted a transphobic sign outside the door of a congresswoman who has a trans child.

“They will allow porn on Twitter. They will allow posts about parents transitioning their children and changing their gender on Twitter. But Twitter won’t allow any real discussion of the truth from an elected Congresswoman because Twitter only cares about the Democrat Communist agenda for America,” Greene wrote. “It’s a good thing my voters couldn’t care less about Twitter.”

(Via Mediaite)