Mark Meadows Reportedly Scrambled To Find Something, Anything To Make Trump Happy After His 2020 Loss

On Tuesday Donald Trump got some more bad news: A New York judge has ruled that members of the Trump Organization, including the big guy himself and his two eldest sons, were guilty of fraud. Does that mean the end of Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue? Possibly! Of course, the former president should be used to bad news. Back in 2020, he lost re-election. He didn’t take it well, to put it mildly. In fact, he was so upset that his chief of staff struggled to find something, anything to cheer the big guy up.

As per Raw Story, Enough, the new tell-all by Mark Meadows aide Cassidy Hutchinson, has yet more dirt about her old boss, back when all seemed lost when it came to overturning the will of the American voters. As Hutchinson writes:

“Mark stuck his head out of his office that same day and said, ‘The president’s real mad at me.’ By then many of us knew that Trump had accused Mark of ‘giving up’ — failing to continue contesting the election results. ‘Can you have the staff secretary print the one-year security memorandum for POTUS to sign?’ he asked. ‘I think that’ll make him happy.'”

What Meadows meant was he wanted Trump’s adult kids to get a full year of Secret Service detail, including limo travel, all on the taxpayers’ dime. Hutchinson warned Meadows that might prove unpopular, especially since it was unprecedented.

But Meadows was desperate. “He’s so angry at me all the time,” he allegedly told Hutchinson. “I can’t talk to him about anything post–White House without him getting mad that we didn’t win. I’m trying to figure out something to make him happy.”

“I asked the acting staff secretary to draft two versions of the memo, one that gave Trump’s adult children six months of protection and one that gave them a year,” recalled Hutchinson. “The president signed both copies, and told Mark, ‘You pick which one to deliver.’”

Hutchinson went with the six-month plan. Bad press inevitably ensued, especially once the price tag came out: $140,000 a month, or nearly a million over half a year. But perhaps that stopped Trump from throwing ketchup, if just for a bit.

(Via Raw Story)