It Sounds Like Matt Gaetz’s Jailbound BFF Just Made The Congressman’s Life Even Worse

Don’t forget: Matt Gaetz, perhaps the Trumpiest member of the House, is under federal investigation for his ties to a sex trafficking ring that may include minors. The congressman recently lawyered up, prepping for a “scorched-Earth” trial with a team that includes someone whose client list includes Jeffrey Epstein, Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, and cult leader and convicted sex trafficker Keith Raniere. But now his worries seem to be getting even worse.

According to CNN, a lawyer for Joel Greenberg, the close Gaetz associate who pled guilty to six charges and who’s agreed to play ball with the feds, has asked to delay sentencing a second time. This time he’s asking for five more months. Why? Because he’s not done providing “substantial assistance” to the sprawling investigation that includes Gaetz, which was part of his plea bargain.

“Because Mr. Greenberg’s ongoing cooperation involves sensitive matters concerning ongoing investigations,” Greenberg’s attorney, Fritz Scheller, wrote, “he requests that the parties be allowed to provide additional information regarding Mr. Greenberg’s cooperation to the Court under seal, if deemed necessary.”

Scheller added the government does not oppose the delay.

Gaetz, who has denied all allegations, is being investigated over whether or not he broke numerous laws, including ones pertaining to sex trafficking and prostitution, and whether he had sex with a minor. He and his associates may have also engaged in obstruction of justice.

When news of Greenberg’s request broke, people on social media didn’t think it boded well for one of former president Trump’s biggest cheerleaders.

There were also jokes.

In the meantime, surely Gaetz will try to distract from his mounting problems by, say, yelling at some military leaders.

(Via CNN)