Matt Gaetz Is Even Being Dragged By The ‘Fox And Friends’ Gang Over His Impeachment Efforts: ‘Just Speaking Into The Wind’

In a rare move for Brian Kilmeade, the Fox & Friends host actually took aim at a Republican and dragged Congressman Matt Gaetz over his continued attempts to impeach Joe Biden.

Thanks to a lack of compelling evidence to connect the president to his son Hunter Biden‘s business dealings, Republican efforts to bring articles of impeachment have lost steam, but not without lack of trying. The GOP has doggedly tried to find something, anything, to nail Biden, but they keep coming up short despite demands. However, Gaetz has refused to back down and has even gone so far as to threaten replacing Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House to get the impeachment vote moving.

After co-host Ainsley Earhardt brought up Gaetz’s threat, Kilmeade tore into the Florida congressman. Via Raw Story:

“Who would he put there?” he asked. “[House Majority Leader] Steve Scalise, who’s dealing with blood cancer right now? Is there anybody else?”

“Matt Gaetz is just speaking into the wind,” Kilmeade added dismissively. “Have Matt Gaetz pick up the phone and call some moderate Republicans and see if he can switch to his side. McCarthy would be more than happy to let him do that.”

Earhardt backed up Kilmeade’s remark by noting that the GOP would obviously jump at a chance to impeach Biden if there was actually some evidence.

“Don’t you think that Republicans would be for this if there is more information, if they can get to the bottom, if [Rep. James Comer] can get proof and he can get to the bottom of that, then Republicans would be all for it?” Earhardt said. “But they definitely need that proof in order to start an impeachment.”

(Via Raw Story)