Bumbling House GOP Dunce Quartet Gaetz, Greene, Gohmert, And Gosar Stormed A DC Jail Housing Jan. 6th Insurrectionists In Their Latest Publicity Stunt

As part of their ongoing publicity stunt to distract from the January 6 commission, the Republican quartet of Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Louie Gohmert, and Paul Gosar have been accused of trespassing after storming a Washington, D.C. jail on Thursday with a camera crew in tow. The members of Congress set out to “expose” the conditions of prisoners who were arrested for the assault on the U.S. Capitol building following a Donald Trump rally, but they never made it past the front entrance where a guard quickly shut them down.

Via Mediaite:

Footage of the morning incident showed Gohmert and Greene being intercepted by a guard when they attempted to enter the building, telling them, “You right now are obstructing the entrance into this facility. This is the way people enter.”

Greene protested that they were not there to obstruct the entrance. “Right now, that’s what you’re doing,” the guard replied as she departed to find a supervisor.

After being denied entry, the quartet turned to the Right Side Broadcast Network camera crew accompanying them and began to criticize the facility.

“If that attitude is any indication of how they’re treating their prisoners inside, I have great concerns,” Greene said. After being escorted outside, Gohmert proclaimed that they’re in “totalitarian, Marxist territory here.”

The incident at the D.C. prison is now the quartet’s second publicity stunt that has been thwarted in the past 48 hours. On Tuesday, the Republican politicians attempted to hold a press conference outside the Department of Justice to counteract the Jan. 6 commission hearing featuring Capitol Police testimony. However, the presser was quickly abandoned after protestors wouldn’t stop whistling and asking Gaetz, “Are you a pedophile?”

(Via Mediaite)