Matt Gaetz Said He Would Quit The House To Defend Trump During His Impeachment Trial, And People Were Okay With That

Matt Gaetz has made a name for himself by sucking up to Trump, both while he was in office and ever since he left office. Along with his sometime partner-in-crime Jim Jordan, he’ll say anything to get attention — and he’s routinely dunked on for what he says over social media. So when he threatened to quit the House to defend his favorite president, people online for once agreed he’d come up with a smart idea.

The Florida representative was on War Room Pandemic, the podcast hosted by former Trump strategist and ex-Breitbart-ite Steve Bannon, where he boasted about, among other things, how he had the votes to kick Liz Cheney out of her gig as GOP leader in the House. (Spoiler: He didn’t, and she will keep her position.) He was also asked if he’d give up his House seat for 45.

“If the president called me and wanted me to go defend him on the floor of the Senate,” Gaetz said. “That would be the top priority in my life.”

The Senate impeachment trial is set for next week, and it follows the House impeachment that happened without a trial — the second time they did so in under a year. It’s not clear if what happened last time — House Republicans, with exception (okay, one), refuse to condemn him — will be happen this time. But there’s still time for Gaetz to switch occupations.

After all, he had the okay from many people online.

Others simply celebrated that his attempts to railroad Cheney — who voted for Trump’s second impeachment — came to naught.

And others simply pointed out that he looks like various cartoon villains.

(Via Newsweek)

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