Matthew McConaughey’s Existential Crisis Plays Out In A Lincoln Commercial Remix

Matthew McConaughey and director Nicolas Winding Refn’s Lincoln commercials are peak McConaughey, and then they blessed us with even more of them. (He should really endorse other things in the same style.) Now The Auralnauts — makers of fine parodies like the Terminator: Genisys: Paradox Edition and the Bane rap freestyle — have taken one of the later ads and remixed it into an amusing existential crisis.

The voice is impersonated by John Bailey of Honest Trailers, who perfectly intones deep thoughts intermingled with silliness like this:

Universe is a big place. We can’t be alone in this… tiny blue planet… in its own solar system… surrounded by billions of solar systems… in a galaxy surrounded by billions of galaxies. Infinite combinations of matter and energy with infinite possibilities. And they pick Ben Affleck to play Batman. I don’t like where this is going.

Besides slamming Batfleck, this version of Rust Cohle in another infinite combination spends his flat, circular time contemplating if he should drink in that rain, or tell his maker he’s proud of all he’s done, or treat some homeless people to his world famous flapjacks. Tough decisions. I would opt to be blazed and playing bongos naked with Cole Hauser instead.