Matthew McConaughey Delivered A Very McConaughey-esque Message To COVID-Stricken Texas Gov. Greg Abbott: ‘Mask, Vax, Just Keep Livin’

If Oscar-winning actor and all-around laidback dude Matthew McConaughey is serious about making a run at becoming the next governor of Texas, he might have just coined his slogan: Mask, Vax, Just Keep Livin.

That’s the message the Surfer Dude star and apparent anti-deodorant advocate had for current Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is currently in quarantine after testing positive for COVID-19. Over the weekend, as reported, McConaughey made his wishes that that the governor would be alright, alright, alright public when he tweeted: “Glad you’re now testing negative for Covid Governor Abbott. Thank you for mentioning that ‘the vaccination you received made your infection brief and mild.’ Health to you, Cecilia, Texas, and beyond. mask, vax and just keep livin, mcconaughey”

McConaughey’s message could be 100 percent genuine and heartfelt; he does seem to be that sort of peace and happiness-loving kind of guy, after all. But it could also be one of the first shots fired in the actor’s rumored desire to transition into politics in his home state of Texas, as Abbott would be McConaughey’s political opponent if the rumors of his planned gubernatorial run turn out to be true.

It is, of course, worth noting that Abbott has been working tirelessly—and successfully—to outlaw mask mandates, and has wanted to do the same in terms of COVID vaccinations… even though he himself is vaccinated. While some clever organizations have found ways around Abbott’s sadistic disdain for small protective measures against COVID, his overall stance on not requiring masks or vaccinations is clearly in direct opposition to McConaughey’s soon-to-be iconic “mask, vax and just keep livin” battle cry.