McKayla Maroney Wins The Instagram Gold After Passing Up The Rio Games

Film/TV Editor

One of the biggest stars of the 2012 Summer Olympics just happened to be gymnast McKayla Maroney. She later reached a greater level of fame while reenacting her “unimpressed” face alongside President Obama in the Oval Office. Maroney slipped back into post-Olympics obscurity with a tinge of acrobatic-baseball talent on display but — more importantly for these purposes — a return to normal young adult life. Indeed, she took up a favorite pastime familiar to many 20 somethings, a copious devotion to social media. We’ve visited Maroney’s selfies before, but she’s upped the ante, starting with the above photo of fetching yoga pants.

For those who’d prefer to ponder a reason for the recent flurry of Maroney social media postings, there’s no greater analysis to be found. Perhaps Maroney has freed up some time for selfies after declining to participate in the 2016 Rio games. She’s not retiring, just taking a break. And she’s found a way to kill some time for now. Such as this selfie, which arrives with a very clever caption: “When u already know the wallpaper will make people think u used photo shop.”

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