A Dude Holding A McLovin Festival Sign Was Encountered By The Real McLovin In The Wild

Ten years removed from its premiere, the might of McLovin is still strong. Or at least strong enough for a festivalgoer to bust out a nifty sign featuring the Superbad scamp. So what happens when a man with a McLovin sign encounters the actual McLovin in the wild? Confusion from the looks of things.

The video nestled above features a cheery looking guy in a Yankees cap holding a totem of the infamous McLovin ID that Fogell wields in the movie. Also in attendance at Michigan’s Electric Forest festival? Fogell/McLovin portrayer Christopher Mintz-Plasse. Sporting a beard, sunglasses and other touches that are a little different than what’s on the Hawaii ID, Mintz-Plasse approached the dude and they shared a little bit of dancing. (Who doesn’t enjoy some daytime slight knee bendy dance moves?) Recognition of the actor is slowly but surely achieved, although to be fair there are more beardy sunglasses white guys at music festivals than there are stars in the sky.

Full points to Christopher Mintz-Plasse for having fun with this surreal experience. Odds are he has this happen at every festival he rolls out for. Maybe his “The Motherf*cker” persona from Kick-Ass 2 gets a sign at Knotfest?

(Via Reddit & BroBible)