Meet Aella, The Cam Girl Who Poses In The Nude With Lawn Gnomes

Once upon a time, in 2012, a young woman named Aella had an idea. Hundreds of females showed off their bodies on Reddit Gone Wild every day, but rarely did they use props. So, to distinguish herself, she drove to the MYSTICAL Home Depot to purchase a murder of lawn gnomes. (The author assumes gnomes travel in murders, like crows.) When Aella returned home, she grabbed her camera and began playing with the gnomes…not like that, you sicko. Well, kind of like that. Anyway, where was the author? Oh yeah: Aella uploaded the gnome photos to Reddit, and within days, she had racked up thousands of comments and even more views. The end.

Except for the part about Aella being a cam girl who also participates in 10-person hot tub orgies. The author humbly bows down to the Daily Dot, who spoke to Aella about her very specific fame.

Merely taking off her clothes in front of a camera didn’t reflect her personality. A month after she started, she came up with something different.

“I actually just got really drunk one night, looked over, and saw a tube of white face paint (from Halloween), and figured I should put it on my face,” she explains. “And then, next thing you know, I’m trapped in invisible boxes and humping chairs.” (Via)

As for the gnomes:

After returning home to Portland, Ore., Aella came up with a new spin on the girl-gets-naked scenario. She called it “gnomerape.” Redditors loved the images so much they helped make the first Imgur album and second one two of the top 50 r/gonewild posts of the year.

“You have to be the only person in the history of r/gonewild with…gnome-related costs,” vyborny5 commented. “Love these posts, but I would have loved to see what else those ‘gnomes’ did to you.”

She also has a very active Twitter:

It’s weird #gnomerape hasn’t caught on as a hashtag yet.

Man, Gnomeo and Juliet is much darker than I remember.

All pictures via Reddit, via the Daily Dot