Meghan McCain’s Leading The Backlash Against Chris Cuomo For Admitting He Can’t Cover His Brother’s Sexual Harassment Scandals

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s ever-deepening sexual harassment scandal gained steam this week with a third woman coming forward to speak with the New York Times while detailing her accusations against the politician. This update follows two former Cuomo aides coming forward with allegations of sexual misconduct, all on top of the nursing home probe, which involves accusations that Cuomo mishandled data about the deaths of COVID-fueled deaths of residents.

The intensification of scrutiny upon Andrew Cuomo with these twin issues led people to wonder whether his brother, CNN host Chris Cuomo, would be covering the stories on Cuomo Prime Time. Well, Chris let everyone know on Monday night that “[o]bviously I am aware of what is going on with my brother.” He added, “And obviously I cannot cover it because he is my brother.” And he pointed out that his colleagues “have covered it extensively and they will continue to do so.”

This was bound to cause some backlash, given that Chris hosted Andrew on the show many times during New York City’s initial COVID surge and beyond. And during this time period, Chris even whipped out a giant Q-tip swab to joke about the size of his brother’s nose. The jovial tone didn’t go over well with a lot of people, considering the massive loss of life that was ongoing due to the virus, and Meghan McCain was front and central with her criticism at the time.

So, it stands to reason that Meghan would also be ready to come for Chris over his Monday admission that he can’t cover Andrew’s sexual harassment scandals for CNN. “So you interviewed your brother a thousand times with giant q-tips joking about his sex life during covid but now that he’s an accused predator, it’s a conflict?” Meghan tweeted. “Give me an absolute break. Hypocrites. This is ground zero of why the American public doesn’t trust ANY of the media.”

Her point is not unfounded. “Obviously I can’t cover it because he is my brother” is, at best, an awkward thing to say now, given that Chris was onboard with doing flattering segments about Andrew. Everything has seemingly changed now, and this puts Chris in a difficult position, to say the very least, with different contexts and accusations of subjectivity flying. Former CNN anchor Soledad O’Brien joined in with her criticism of Chris’ stance, and she was not alone.

Yep, that Q-Tip joke didn’t have a ton of fans when it took flight, and it’s definitely aged poorly.