Meghan McCain Completely Melts Down After Joy Behar Asks Why Republicans Can Oust Liz Cheney But Not Matt Gaetz

It’s been a while since The View had an all-out shouting match between Meghan McCain and Joy Behar, but the two brought the fireworks on Tuesday morning thanks to Matt Gaetz. During a panel discussion on the Republican Party’s failure to remove Gaetz from his congressional committees, Behar took the GOP to task for calling itself the “family values party” while sitting idly by as Gaetz continues to be implicated in an alleged scandal involving illegal sex with a minor and using his campaign funds to solicit escorts.

Following Behar’s remark, McCain, who has been a vocal critic of Gaetz over the years, agreed that the situation is bad, but she voiced her remarks in the most bored, disaffected tone she could muster. Via Mediaite:

It’s super disgusting. He should go to jail. It’s super embarrassing. I have nothing else to add. It’s gross. He’s a deeply unserious person. He should be removed from his committees… Matt Gaetz is a pervert who should go to jail. The end.

While being visibly annoyed with having to discuss the Republican Party’s failure to handle the Gaetz situation, McCain tried to pivot by saying that there are Democrats who should also be removed from committees for the “some of the things they’ve said about Israel.” However, Behar wasn’t done talking about Gaetz, and things got heated when she directly asked McCain what the GOP should call itself these days when it won’t do anything about Gaetz, but it had no problem ousting Liz Cheney. You can see the tense exchange at the 6:25 mark:

After becoming increasingly perturbed with Behar’s questioning, McCain rattled off all of the friends and family members she have on Capitol Hill who are “embarrassed” by Gaetz, but that wasn’t enough for Behar. She wanted to know why he hasn’t been removed from his committees, to which McCain replied that he hasn’t been arrested yet, and that’s when Behar got her.

“They didn’t have any problem taking Liz Cheney off of committees,” Behar responded, which caused McCain to melt down and start yelling over the other co-hosts until Whoopi Goldberg got so fed up that she threw to commercial.

(Via The View on Twitter)