Meghan McCain Says Kamala Harris Is To Blame For Republicans Refusing To Get Vaccinated, For Some Reason

During Tuesday’s episode of The View, the panel tackled recent polling that shows 41 percent of Republicans refuse to get the COVID-19 vaccination, which prompted Meghan McCain to point the finger at Vice President Kamala Harris for the partisan gap. While McCain differentiated herself from her fellow conservatives by joking that she trusts doctors so much that she’d “let them put an iPad Nano between my shoulder blades if it means I can get drunk at Caesar’s Palace again,” she played a deceptively edited clip of Harris from September 2020 where she tells CNN’s Dana Bash, “I would not trust Donald Trump,” if he attempted to rush out a vaccine before the election. (Which, for the record, Trump attempted to do, but was stopped by the FDA.)

Via Mediaite:

“So she’s expressing skepticism about the vaccine under the Trump Administration. A lot of Republicans I know are expressing skepticism about to vaccine under the Biden Administration which is why this has been so dangerous that this has become so politicized,” McCain said. “Both sides are equally responsible for this.”

However, as Mediaite notes, McCain’s clip leaves off the part where Harris explains that she doesn’t trust Trump because he told people to “inject bleach,” but Harris would trust medical experts like Dr. Fauci if they vouched for the vaccines. “I think Dr. Fauci has proven, for anyone who’s been watching him for years and years, to put the public health of the American people as the highest priority in terms of his work and his reputation and his priority. Yes, I trust Dr. Fauci.” Joe Biden also voiced his trust in Fauci and supported the vaccines when they were approved in November while Trump was still in office. In short, McCain’s argument doesn’t hold water given both Harris and Biden publicly backed the vaccines even as they rolled out under the Trump administration.

(Via Mediaite)