Meghan McCain Sees ‘The View’ As Like An ‘Ex-Boyfriend,’ But She Still Talks To One Co-Host Who Didn’t ‘Demonize’ Her

In a much-needed change of narrative after getting pummeled on social media by her late father’s former campaign manager, Meghan McCain is opening up about her life after The View. The TV personality turned Daily Mail columnist stopped by the Reality with The King podcast where she described leaving the daytime talk show as “kind of like having an ex-boyfriend that everyone knows you broke up with.”

According to McCain, she doesn’t watch the show particularly after the way she felt she was treated during her final season. (McCain had previously called the show a “toxic work environment.”) Via Mediaite:

“I don’t watch the show at all. It doesn’t really enter my lexicon,” she said. “I don’t watch anymore and it’s too weird. It would be too weird to watch, but, um, I don’t miss it. And I think it’s because I had such a hard time. My last season, it was a really rough time in my life.”

However, McCain surprisingly revealed that she still talks to one of her former The View co-hosts: Sunny Hostin. After gushing about how Hostin is “one of the greatest TV presences,” McCain said that she often turns to her old co-host for parenting advice because Hostin is just such a “good person.”

“She didn’t demonize me the way a lot of other people did whatever that’s worth,” McCain said about her ongoing friendship with Hostin, which is an interesting development if you know anything about their history.

Back in 2019, McCain was being plagued by behind-the-scenes leaks about her diva-like behavior on set, and according to Page Six, her team had pegged Hostin as the source of those leaks. Whether that was true or not has never been confirmed, but clearly, McCain and Hostin are on good terms now unlike Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg, who couldn’t wait for McCain to leave The View for obvious reasons.

(Via Mediaite)