Meghan McCain Defends Putting Lindsey Graham On Blast: ‘He Doesn’t Get To Speak For Me’

Earlier in the week, Meghan McCain put Lindsey Graham on blast after the South Carolina senator debunked a claim in her audiobook that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump “crashed” her father John McCain’s funeral. The former The View co-host called out Graham in a tweet, and it was a notable rebuke given he once considered a very dear friend to the family. In fact, McCain had repeatedly referred to him as “like an uncle” over the years.

While appearing on The Guy Benson Show on Thursday, McCain defended calling out Graham and lamented that their relationship had devolved to this point. However, she also didn’t refute his assertion that Jared and Ivanka’s presence at her father’s funeral was approved by her mother Cindy McCain.

Via Mediaite:

I don’t want to speak negatively of people who at one point in time were close with my dad, but I also will defend myself, and I will defend my work, and I will defend my life, and he doesn’t get to speak for me and like he’s not a spokesperson for Meghan McCain or the McCain family, and you know, I don’t want to go to like too deep into it, because honestly it’s just been extremely emotionally taxing to have this happen.

Meghan also described the situation as “horrible,” but her central beef with Graham seems to be that he did this in public.

“I never ever would have brought something like this public in my life, because I think it’s distasteful and just bizarre and gross, but I will defend myself if I need to,” McCain said while promoting her tell-all audiobook, Bad Republican, which airs all of her grievances with The View in public.

(Via Mediaite)