Meghan McCain Is Calling Out Project Veritas For Attempting To Use Ashley Biden’s Diary To Blackmail Her Father

Meghan McCain is blasting Project Veritas following a New York Times report that James O’Keefe’s far-right organization allegedly threatened to publish Ashley Biden’s diary if her father didn’t grant them an on-camera interview in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election. In an attempt to land an October surprise, Project Veritas reportedly reached out to the Biden campaign with barely two weeks to go until Election Day. McCain was disgusted by what she read in the New York Times.

“No one deserves to have their diary stolen and sold but it’s particularly cruel that this happened while Ashley Biden was freshly in recovery for addiction,” the former The View host tweeted. “Just because her dad was running for president doesn’t justify this one bit.”

According to the NYT, Project Veritas gave Biden four days to respond or it would start printing sensitive excerpts from his daughter’s diary that reportedly mentioned him by name. Via Raw Story:

“On October 16, 2020, Project Veritas wrote to Mr. Biden and his campaign that it had obtained a diary Ms. Biden had ‘abandoned’ and wanted to question Mr. Biden on camera about its contents that referred specifically to him,” writes the Times.

The report also quotes Project Veritas chief legal officer Jered Ede, who told the campaign that “should we not hear from you by Tuesday, October 20, 2020, we will have no choice but to act unilaterally and reserve the right to disclose that you refused our offer to provide answers to the questions raised by your daughter.”

Project Veritas and O’Keefe are currently facing federal charges following a FBI raid on several employees’ homes in early November. The raid stems from an investigation into how the organization obtained the stolen diary.

(Via Meghan McCain on Twitter & Raw Story)