Meghan McCain Torched Ted Cruz As A Modern Day Marie Antoinette For Fleeing To Cancun While Texans ‘Are Freezing To Death’

You know things are bad when Meghan McCain is tearing into a Republican. Despite routinely defending her fellow conservatives, The View co-host set aside her party allegiance on Thursday to rip Senator Ted Cruz a new one for jetting off to Cancun while people are stranded without power in his home state of Texas following a freak winter storm. While calling Cruz’s trip “very Marie Antoinette,” McCain couldn’t contain her disbelief at the “worst optics I can possibly come up with in an era when there’s been a lot of bad political optics” as she equated the situation on the ground with “the apocalypse.” Via Raw Story:

“I read something yesterday that said that hospitals are out of power and that the people in hospitals were trying to find generators to sit around with blankets. I mean, the last time I was in the hospital was obviously when I was giving birth. I can’t imagine if the power went out. There’s a lot of heads to roll a lot of people to blame. I know what’s not helping right now is the fact that Sen. Ted Cruz is seen on a flight with his family to Cancun right now.”

While McCain was aware that Cruz is already on his way back to Texas, and noted that he’ll have lots of local media to answer to, her segment on The View arrived before Cruz managed to make things even worse by issuing a statement where he blamed the trip on his daughters. According to Cruz, he was just trying to be a good dad by accompanying his kids after they requested a trip to Cancun because school was canceled. Never mind that there’s a pandemic going on, and his wife seemed to be visible in photographs with their daughters, it was important that Ted went, too. For the children.

(Via The View)