Meghan McCain Has A Laundry List Of Complaints About The Return Of ‘Stupid’ Mask Mandates

For one of her final episodes of The View, Meghan McCain slipped in a jab at her co-hosts during an odd rant about the return of mask mandates. As has been widely reported, the COVID-19 Delta variant has caused a spike in cases that has almost exclusively been amongst the unvaccinated. In an effort to contain the spread, the CDC has reinstated its guidance on mask use, which caused a frustrated McCain to predict a dystopian future where Americans will flee to less restrictive states where they’ll be free to not follow health regulations in a middle of a pandemic.

“Look. I think this is stupid. I don’t want to wear a mask anymore,” McCain said after noting that Washington D.C., where she lives, has one of the best vaccination rates and lowest rate of cases, yet it’s still bringing back masks. That’s when she imagined a world where true patriots will flee to her home state of Arizona no matter what her The View panel might think of them.

You can see McCain’s comments at the 3:50 mark below:

Via Mediaite:

She then warned of a dystopian future of a “completely divided America where people who don’t want to live under these restrictions and are willing to take the risk no matter the judgment of people on this panel and people in politics, and they are willing to take the risk and live in a state that is freer and see people living more comfortable in places like D.C. that will continue to have mask mandates forever, and probably having some form of lockdowns going into the fall.”

This latest rant is yet another example of McCain’s conflicted opinions about the COVID vaccine that has popped up ever since she returned to The View from maternity leave. During her four year tenure on The View, McCain has been a vocal opponent of anti-vaxxers and notably called out Democratic primary candidate Marianne Williamson for pushing anti-vaccination conspiracy theories.

However, since Biden took office, the Republican party has aggressively adopted an anti-vaccine stance that’s no longer containing itself to just the COVID shot. While McCain has openly encouraged people to get the vaccine, that has put her odds with her fellow conservatives, and it’s repeatedly led to moments like Thursday’s rant where she’s both for and against science, but not a lick of it makes any sense.

(Via Mediaite)