Meghan McCain Blames Dr. Fauci And AOC For Vaccine Hesitancy Before Telling People To ‘Stop Making This So Political’

While discussing the recent recommendation by the American Academy of Pediatrics that all children and school staff, regardless of vaccination status, should wear masks during the 2021-2022 school year, The View panel, once again, returned to the pressing issue of vaccine hesitancy, and Meghan McCain, once again, attempted to deflect criticism away from Fox News and Republicans. But this time around, McCain pointed the finger at Dr. Anthony Fauci and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez before launching into an odd plea to stop making the topic of vaccine hesitancy “political.”

Despite fellow co-host Sunny Hostin bringing data to the table that Fox News has demonstrably pushed COVID vaccine misinformation and conspiracy theories, McCain attempted to move the blame away from the news network, where her husband is a regular contributor, to Fauci because one third of hospital workers in New York, “one of the most liberal states in the country,” aren’t vaccinated.

“I’m sorry Dr. Fauci, but if you can’t get your hospital workers in New York in line, how are we supposed to do it in any other demographic in the country?” McCain argued. Of course, that neglects the reality that liberal states aren’t populated solely by liberal voters, but that didn’t stop McCain from then singling out AOC’s district for its 49% vaccination rate.

“If you have a problem in your district, then I don’t understand why this has to be so much about Fox News, because it’s not,” McCain said. This is a problem for our country and I’m petrified right now. Please stop making this so political.”

So in closing, Meghan McCain wants the record to show that Fox News is good, Fauci and AOC are bad, so clearly, there’s nothing political about this topic. It’s so obvious.

(Via The View, Decider)