Megyn Kelly Is Getting Fact-Checked Over Her Unfortunate Tweet About Mental Health, ‘Snowflakes,’ And The Military

Megyn Kelly got absolutely eviscerated on Twitter on Thursday after tweeting out a weird and inaccurate take on “quiet rooms” at the U.S. Open. The former TODAY host was commenting on a Fox News report that the U.S. Tennis Association will be taking greater strides to focus on players’ mental health following Naomi Osaka’s withdrawal from the French Open. As part of the mental health initiative, “quiet rooms” will be provided for struggling athletes, which prompted Kelly to fire off an insult at U.S. Open players.

“Good Lord please never let the snowflakes who need this sign up for our military,” Kelly tweeted.

There was just one small problem with Kelly’s tweet. The military actually does provide quiet rooms.

“Quiet rooms have been part of the USMC Health Service Support Operations for more than 20 years,” journalist Timothy Burke replied while also providing documentation to support his claim. So, not a good look for Kelly.

Kelly’s tweet also spurred a significant amount of backlash thanks to her callous disregard for mental health sufferers, which also includes military members. She was voluminously dragged for the insensitive nature of her tweet as well as for using the term “snowflake” despite having a checkered past of feigning outrage at topics she disagrees with. For example, that time she argued that blackface isn’t racist. You know, things like that.