Melania Swatted Away Trump’s Hand In Israel, And The Internet Is Trying To Decode Her Actions

Donald Trump and Melania’s relationship — like it or not — has been the subject of much speculation since word dropped that the president’s wife and their 10-year-old son would remain at Trump Tower for the first chunk of his White House run. It’s an unconventional living arrangement, for sure, but Trump was never going to fit the typical presidential mold in any regard. Still, people will gossip, and Melania isn’t discouraging them in the above clip, which shows her swatting away Donald’s hand on the Tel Aviv tarmac.

The First Lady, who reportedly won “rave reviews” from the Saudi press over the weekend, brought a little attitude once she touched down with the Trump entourage in Israel. And since it happened on the international stage, this move has now made headlines on several mainstream outlets.

So, what’s going on here? Perhaps she simply isn’t into public displays, although some outlets quickly branded the move as “cold.” However, she is dealing with the same husband who seemingly forgot that she existed while bounding up the White House steps on Inauguration Day. That he would suddenly want to hold hands is out of character for him, and maybe Melania was simply … aiming for consistency?

Regardless of Melania’s intent, the Internet is now performing an armchair analysis of her marriage, akin to the reaction after her Twitter account recently “liked” a tweet that mocked her marriage. Take it away, folks.

No worries, people will soon forget about this embarrassment when Trump decides to clutch another glowing orb later today. It works every time.