Melania Trump’s Reveal Of The White House’s Swanky Tennis Pavilion Renovation Is Not Going Over Well

Melania Trump has toned down the “death stares” as she gears up for the end of her run as First Lady. She’s actually pretending to be excited about Christmas decorations, and not everyone’s buying that sudden rush of enthusiasm. What’s going over even worse, though, is Melania’s Monday announcement that renovations are complete on the White House’s tennis pavilion. Tweeting about a shiny structure meant to preserve a leisurely pastime as “vital” during a pandemic (when poverty rates are rising as coronavirus cases continue to spike) probably isn’t a good look. It’s tone-deaf at best and more than a little bit like Kim Kardashian’s private-island tweets that unironically claimed humility.

“History continues to unfold at the @WhiteHouse,” tweeted the current FLOTUS. “I am pleased to announce the completion of the tennis pavilion. Preserving this historic landmark is vital & I want to thank all who helped complete this project.”

This actually isn’t the first time that Melania’s tweeted about these renovations. She did so in March (while posting photos of herself wearing a construction hard hat) and pushed back at critics. “I encourage everyone who chooses to be negative (and) question my work at the ⁦‪@WhiteHouse⁩,” Melania wrote. “[T]o take time and contribute something good (and) productive in their own communities.”

The new structure is larger than the older one, and it’s not open to the general public, only for “leisure time” for first families, according to CNN. The cable news network also reports that the renovations were funded privately through the Trust for the National Mall, which also did its solicitation thing for Melania’s Rose Garden reworking.

Let’s just say that people aren’t pleased, and even if the construction couldn’t be halted (which it probably could have) this year, tweeting out photos of the swanky structure is practically begging for a “let them eat cake” reaction.

There’s some general roasting going on as well, including a key photoshop job that might stay in your brain forever.

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